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We are so excited that you want to know more about our workshops! Our goal is that you are confident in what you have learned and that it fuels you to accomplish your career goals.
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Learn everything you need to know to start offering Strand-by-Strand Micro-Links. Aside from learning how to install them, this workshop covers other important things you should know such has consultation, pricing, maintenance, and even teaches you how to make the strands yourself so you can keep more of your profits. This technique is today's most advanced, undetectable extension technique available. Learn how to do it in a safe way so that it promotes healthy hair and growth for your clients. 


Luxe Link Certification

Show that you are a licensed professional who learned how to safely install this wonderful technique by our 14+ year Master Extension Specialist, Shauney.
After having your work personally reviewed by Shauney, and obtaining a passing grade on our theory test, we will feature you on our website and actively promote (and refer you) to our growing client base and social media audience. You will also have access to an exclusive networking group where you will have continuous support from Shauney and other professionals who has taken this course. 


Making I-Tips (Stand-a-lone Course)
Looking for a way to get into the Micro Link industry without having to DO the install? Learn how to make I-Tips so that you can market them to other hair professionals!


Are you having a hard time finding QUALITY kinky blow-out hair? Learn how to take your favorite, high quality, raw, extension hair, and transform (or recycle) it to the perfect blow out texture that straightens, is able to hold a curl, and reverts to it's original blowout state when wet.


Also called Micro-links in some areas, this method uses wefts and small beads to attach the extension to the hair. They are versatile and offer your clients the ability to wear a flat ponytail since it is less bulky (hint- there are no braids!)